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In the city of Izhevsk there will pass the Russian hunting-is sports tourist exhibition – 2009. It takes place from September, 3 till September, 6th, 2009. There will pass an exhibition in the õ¿º¬Ò½ýÔÒÓ¡«-improving center "Health" at support of the Exhibition center "Udmurtiya". The basic directions: sports, tourism, a hobby and entertainments.
It is the tenth exhibition-fair under the account promises us the big variety of the goods.
You can find:

What tent to choose for travel

Sending on the nature, in round the necessary equipment is important to not forget a campaign. nesomneno the main thing in a campaign - tent. In sports-tourist shops a huge choice, but despite of a seeming variety, basically, tents are subdivided on forwarding and kempingovye. One of the main advantages of good tent - its compactness. The basic criteria at a choice of this important marching equipment are quality of a material, weight and stability. According to professionals it is more reasonable to use two small tents instead of one big if to travel send some person.

The potential turindustrii Krasnodar territory is not opened completely

The potential of Krasnodar territory, in opinion of local authorities, works twice less than the opportunities. Now in region 150 туристско-excursion routes on 274 objects turpokaza work, but it is far not everything, that can show turindustrija edges. In region is available over thousand unique objects of tourist display — dolmeny, falls, archeological excavations, mud volcanos — they should become accessible to tourists. For example, to objects " White rocks " and " Tenginskie falls ", the road and a stream of tourists there is broken was cut by half. According to the vice-governor the situation needs to be changed urgently to the best.

On the cosmodrome Baikonur rounds for children will be organized

Cognitive rounds for children will organize Baikonur at the cosmodrome. Trips can be calculated for the term of from 7 till 14 days. About half of time it will be possible to lead in territory of a space complex, and the remained part will be allocated for training in classes. In the city of Baikonur of tourists accept some hotels of a different level. The best service is offered by hotels " Central " and "Student's". Participants of children's rounds can live also in a boarding school at the international space school. To children will suggest to visit a museum of Astronautics, a place of start of Jury Gagarin, the Center of preparation of cosmonauts and other interesting objects.

The irreplaceable device for the traveller

The goods for tourism and rest do not lag behind technical progress and today can meet the impracticable desires most, appear. In the market of the tourist goods have appeared zarjadnye the devices using energy of the sun. Zarjadnoe device Solio Magnesium is intended for inveterate travellers and combines a solar element and the powerful battery. The product either on the sun, or through the usual socket is charged, thus keeping a charge in the powerful battery within a year. The charge of the device will suffice on 3 zarjadki a mobile phone.

At the Japanese restaurant the monkey-waiter works

That only you will not see on travel on the world. For example, if you send to Japan, in the small city of Utsonomija you can see local sight - the waiter-monkey. Owing to it, the small small restaurant in the center of prefecture Totigi, has received popularity. The monkey by name I-тян sets the table and executes dance with a mask. The owner of an institution assures, that specially did not train an animal: the monkey observed of how it sets the table and has remembered, that it is necessary to do. The monkey works every day. I-тян love bananas and apples, but does not recognize a land and jakitori which submit at restaurant.

Tourist cards FVG Card provide to tourists of the discount in vacation spots

Tourist card FVG Card provides significant discounts to its owners in territory of the Italian administrative area õÓ¿Ò½¿-Venice-ñªÒ½¿n. On city beaches of region it will be possible to receive discounts at rent of umbrellas, plank beds and other necessary stock and tourist equipment, and also in beach bars. In total in this program participate about 20 settlements at coast. The spa-centers of area have joined attraction of tourists õÓ¿Ò½¿-Venice-ñªÒ½¿n also. In the cities of Grado and Linjano the centers of beauty will offer visitors the 30 percent discount for the entrance ticket.

The unorganized autocamping in Sochi any more will not be

The first vice-governor of Krasnodar territory Alexander Remezkov has declared, that till May, 25th in Sochi it is necessary to define places for accommodation of seven new autocampings. The vice-governor also has called the head of department of complex development of resorts and Jury Pozhidaeva's tourism for the organization of the competent account having a rest in autocampings. During the last season instead of ten autocampings in Sochi it has been organized only two, but on a coastal strip from settlement Magri up to Lazarevskogo all season congestions unorganized having a rest which lived in tents beside with motor transport were observed.

The exhibition of the every possible tourist goods and services will pass in Ekaterinburg

To fans of extreme tourism and productive leisure that will look at an exhibition of the extreme goods and services, hunting and fishings " Adrenalin Action. Hunting, fishing. Club and X-sports, tourism. Aномалистика " from May, 27 till May, 30th in Ekaterinburg. The every possible goods for the tourist industry and rest will be presented in KOSK "Russia". To fans of an extreme in all kinds of tourism - mountain and water, active, city and power, organizers address section " X-sports, tourism ". In traditional section " Hunting, fishing " manufacturers and suppliers will present the best and newest samples hunting-fishing equipments and equipments.

Festival in Prielbruse

The festival of winter kinds of sports first in Russia and tourism " Red Fox " has passed Elbrus Race in Prielbruse. Organizers of festival - Federation of mountaneering of the Russian Federation, State Committee KBR on physical culture and sports and the company " Red Fox " making mountain equipment and other equipment for extreme kinds of sports and tourism, included competitions on snegostupingu and a high-speed ascention on the western top of Elbrus. Organizers have decided to unite three kinds of winter rest within the limits of one action. So the idea of festival was born. To lead it have solved in Prielbruse to acquaint inhabitants of republic and tourists with these kinds of sports.

In Krasnoyarsk have passed competitions on sports tourism

10 Stage of city competition « Will start all » will pass in Krasnoyarsk in past days off. In a municipal government on physical culture and sports, have informed, that opening of competition has passed on island Tatysheva. Predictably, in action has taken part about 10 thousand person. This day on island lines on all sports disciplines included in the program of competition worked: rollers, a bicycle, water rafting and sports tourism. Sportsmen and fans of productive leisure could check up on durability the equipment and equipment for extreme kinds of tourism, realizing a problem of competitions in distribution and popularizations of tourism in the field of.

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